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Master Class with The Garry Marshall Theatre

Sharon Graham (Aubrey Trujillo-Scarr), the determined soprano who intends to sing the Letter aria and cabaletta from Verdi's Macbeth is the fiercest challenger to Callas' composure. As the two spar off with increasing intensity and decorum goes out the window - along with any remaining humor - she will match Hennesy sting for sting.
- Ellen Dostal, Broadway World Los Angeles

Master Class with The Garry Marshall Theatre

"The three student singers—Maegan McConnell as Sophie, Aubrey Trujillo-Scarr as Sharon, and Landon Shaw III as Anthony—all offer strikingly powerful vocals; they’ll blow you away … Soprano Trujillo-Scarr has the most complex student role, one that calls for an extraordinary range of emotion, and she hits all the right notes." 
- Tony Frankel, Stage and Cinema

Isifile with UCLA Opera

"Aubrey, a compelling dramatic soprano, impressively overcame the jokiness of silent movie gestures... and sang Hypsipyle’s lament movingly."

Carmen with Pacific Opera Project

“Scarr’s heart-rending performance of Micaëla’s third act aria nearly stole the show…”​

 Carmen with Pacific Opera Project

“Scarr’s strong voice is one to watch: her sweet, youthful sparkle is captivating, and a layered portrayal shows that while Micaela may seem an earnest, simple-minded girl, she actually possesses great depth and an inner strength..."

Master Class with The Garry Marshall Theatre

"Aubrey Trujillo-Scarr dominates as aspiring diva Sharon Graham."
- Dana Martin, Stage Raw

Master Class with The Jewel Theater Company

"Next up is Sharon (a convincing Aubrey Scarr)...Scarr is nothing short of extraordinary as she gains confidence, eventually matching (Maria) Callas’s sarcasm and surprising with an exceptional voice."​​

Performing Artist: Actor + Soprano

Aubrey Trujillo-Scarr

Master Class with The Garry Marshall Theatre

"The fabulous arias performed by Sopranos McConnell and Trujillo-Scarr, and Tenor Landon Shaw ll, reach thrilling heights and standards."

- Ester Benjamin Shifren, Splash Magazine​​