Aubrey Trujillo-Scarr

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Alma Cantor - The Woman running the party

Mexican-American actress who is as comfortable dancing in heels as she is throwing punches and crossing swords. A lover of sci-fi, trained martial artist/theater combatant, and classically trained opera singer

Socialite, Diva

Elitist, Type-A personality, perfectionist, educated, "Old Money", connected to the inside track

Best friend, Counselor, Musician

Intelligent, sweet, caring, maternal, sarcastic, quirky, funny, gracefully awkward

Warrior, Leader, Executive

Powerful, commanding, opinionated, stern, driven

Swashbuckler, martial artist, gunslinger

Helen Marquez - The Woman at the party drinking whisky

Bree Chapman - The Woman at the party playing with the dog

Performing Artist: Actor + Soprano